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High Fashion Gets A Dressing Down: How The Internet Is Changing The Fashion World

Say the words designer fashion and you think exquisite style, precise skill and above all the exclusive.  The high fashion world has an elite status and part of this aura has come through limited access to its opulent world. But now things are changing.  We know the internet has changed the way we live; how we communicate, how we shop, even how we bank – everything’s susceptible to the invasion of the internet, and now even the untouchable world of haute couture is getting a dressing down.

Step 1: Take down the runway

Fashion shows aren’t meant for just anyone.  Seats are populated by well-known designers, celebrities, buyers and big names in the fashion world and most fans of fashion aren’t likely to sit down at a fashion show any time soon.  But now you don’t need to go to a fashion show to see everything the fashion elite are seeing.   It is general practise for fashion houses to live stream their collections during fashion shows, bringing these once exclusive events to a global audience.  What’s more, some fashion designers are even selling their collections as soon as they step out on to the catwalk.  JW Anderson had sold out of one design of boots almost immediately after he had shown at London Fashion Week.  Gone are the days of waiting months for fashion styles to trickle down to the high street;  this new way of broadcasting the latest high fashion trends has a kind of immediacy which is going to skew the distinction between high street and high fashion.

Step 2: Everyone’s a designer

But the internet isn’t just giving your everyday fashionista better access to the fashion world they love (and now can know) it’s giving the everyday individual, armed with internet access and a reasonable eye, a chance to become a fashion designer without even knowing it.  Sexy sweaters is the website started by Alec Weitl which began as a basic tumblr to fill the void of college induced boredom and has now become a bonafide fashion label which has started selling ‘sexy sweaters’ to the general public.  Alec finds pictures from around the internet and uses Photoshop to create designs.  Weitl received a huge amount of positive feedback when he started his blog and a lot of demand for the sweaters to be made available.  He’s currently searching for the right manufacturer but has started selling a few designs.  It’ll be interesting to see how sexy sweaters develops over the next couple of years, but it could set a precedent for unknowns in fashion to become leading trend setters.

And trend setting doesn’t just come in the form of designing.  Lots of fashion blogs now are starting to have major influence. Fashion bloggers are becoming vindicated as fashion commentators; some of the most popular are even getting invites to fashion weeks.

Step 3: People power

So the internet’s influence on fashion is all about reordering the hierarchy of power; empowering the everyman with the potential to add their two cents to the fashion story and pulling the high end fashion world back down to earth.  Social media forces fashion houses to interact with their customers in a new way.  As Chief Creative Officer at Burberry Christopher Bailey tweeted Burberry is “now as much a media-content company as a design company because it’s all part of the overall experience.”  No company has done it much better than LOFT.  According to ,  responding to demands from customers to show their silk cargo pants on different body types rather than just models, LOFT posted pictures of their staff (who are all different sizes) in the pants.  LOFT received overwhelmingly positive feedback for this move proving that fashion can no longer afford to hide itself away in its own ivory tower.  Exclusivity is evidently not as desirable as it once was; availability is king.

And this has been capitalised on by a new fashion app and website called Snap Fashion which reimagines how we shop online. The app allows users to snap a picture of their favourite items from magazines, clothing rails or the runway, or take a picture from fashion blogs or wholesale clothing websites and find similar styles straight away within any specified price range.    In theory, the snaps will build a portfolio of demands and the high street will have to respond.  If inventions like these keep cropping up in the fashion world then it’ll be the high street consumers, not the high fashion designers dictating trends.

It’s clear then that the internet’s far-reaching influence is changing the face of fashion.  It’s an exhilarating collision between haute couture fashion houses with reputations built up over years and the everyday blogger with a penchant for clothes and it looks like this is just the beginning of the internet changing what fashion means for both the industry itself and the consumer.


A guide to the Polo Shirt

A guide to polo shirt styles

hackett-logoThe polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that looks as good on a big night out as it does on an afternoon strolling through the supermarket. However, this versatility means that some people mistakenly believe all polo shirts are created equally. As well as an obvious difference in quality between some of the cheaper stores on the high street and more established brands, there are also a range of different styles available, each with their own special features.

While some people think polo shirts are always short sleeved, long sleeved polo shirts, such as the ones offered by Hackett, have been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years. This type of polo shirt offers the wearer the option of several looks simply by rolling up or down the sleeves. The greater availability of long sleeved polo shirts is also great news for people wanting to sport the classic design throughout the colder months.

Some polo shirt manufacturers offer different fits – classic fit or slim fit for example. The type of fit that’s best for you will depend entirely on your body shape. Slimmer men may want to opt for a slim fitting polo shirt because a classic fit is simply too baggy, while on the other hand a slim fit wouldn’t be comfortable for someone with a stockier frame.

As well as the different fits and styles, polo shirts also come in a range of different designs. Numbered polos are a popular choice as they create a sporting look that works well for spectators or participants. Horizontal stripes are another common design that many brands utilise extensively. Striped polos are an especially good choice for skinnier men that want to look a bit bigger as the stripes create a widening.

With a style for every occasion it makes sense to dedicate some wardrobe space to the different styles and designs available. Then you just have to decide whether you’re a buttons up or buttons down kind of guy.

Doing the Casual Look Right

Getting the casual look right

original-penguinDressing casually is something that might initially be considered easy – after all, you can just throw on any old t-shirt and pair of jeans and achieve that effortlessly cool look, right? Not exactly. Dressing casually might not need the attention to detail and the following of strict rules that are needed for black tie or other formalwear, but there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure you look good.

Firstly, make sure your clothes are clean. Body odours and stains aren’t signs of casual attire, they’re signs of an unhygienic mess. Secondly, while an ironed top might sound like the exact opposite of casual, creases and crinkles can often ruin a top. It can be a judgement call, but if in doubt get those creases out.

As far as your top goes, the t-shirt is the quintessential piece of casual clothing – pick the right one and the rest is easy. Many people focus on the design of the t-shirt, but the way it fits is just as important. A shirt that’s designed to highlight definition in your arms and chest without being restrictive is ideal.

When it comes to picking a suitable design you’re free to express yourself, but bear in mind that degrading or offensive t-shirts aren’t cool. The slightly cheeky design of Penguin t-shirts is a good example of the ideal casual t-shirt. The limited edition London skyline t-shirt, for example, places a silhouette of the famous bird amongst iconic landmarks such as the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Once you’ve picked the right top you just need to sort out jeans and shoes. Again, get the balance right between something that fits well but is comfortable. Remember, jeans falling down your backside is not an appropriate look: the belt you should be wearing does have a practical use. Finish the casual look with a light splash of aftershave and you’re good to go.

Chino or Not Chino That is the Question!

The jean has long been a reliable wardrobe staple for men and has seen many incarnations, some of which are best forgotten (80s white denim never looked good – not even on George Michael). While dependable denim hasn’t disappeared, there is a new ‘go-to’ guy in town and that’s the chino.

Over the past few years this once ever-so-sensible trouser has transformed its image somewhat. No longer the preserve of bridge playing 50-somethings or polo players, chinos have taken a step firmly into the cool and casual camp and have even gotten a bit more colourful. Just like denim, chinos now come in shades of the rainbow – from the traditional navy, charcoal and beige right through to more adventurous orange, red ands and mustard. It’s far harder to pass a pair of bright green chinos off a sophisticated style choice, but they certainly inject a bit of fun into a summer outfit.

As well as going a little bolder in the colour stakes, the last few seasons have seen chino styles switch up a bit. The enduring presence of the legwear from spring right through to winter means designers are playing with the traditional straight leg style and offering chinos that are cuffed, twisted, tapered and turned to fit the temperatures and social events of the season.

If you or your man have been eyeing up this style contender for a while and not yet moved over, now could be the time to take the plunge – because the chino really does seem here to stay. Don’t neglect to consider your footwear choices carefully though! If there’s anywhere the chino falls down against the jean it’s in this area – socks, trainers and cuffed chinos are not a good look!

A guide to summer shorts

Every year when the sun appears in the sky and the weather warms up a little, magazines bang on about women preparing to bare their legs for the first time in months. But what about the men? It’s no less of a shock for the males of the species to switch from their nice comfy pants and jeans into shorts that put their pale and furry legs on show. Add to that the general footwear conundrum that’s created by short wearing and you soon realise that summer wardrobe switching can be equally as daunting for guys. With this in mind, here’s a five-step guide to summer short staples to help you or your other half ease their legs out into the open air.

1) Cargo shorts are a firm favourite among gents because they are comfortable and easily paired with a t-shirt or shirt, though they aren’t the smartest of shorts.

2) Shorts are never really office appropriate, but if you do need to look on the smarter side of smart casual, a chino short helps you mesh the two together.

3) Long length shorts are becoming more popular over hear after spreading from the world of American basketball. They are the perfect short for heading to the gym or mowing the lawn in.

4) If you are feeling sporty there are plenty of specialised short options from JD Sports to see you through the season. Remember that more subtly patterned swimming shorts can double up as holiday day wear and that running shorts can be long, lycra and breathable instead of just – short.

5) Speaking of short shorts, thanks to the lovely Joey Essex constantly looking ‘reem’ in barely there shorts, some men seem to be braving shorter lengths this season. Whether you have the pins for it or not, this look is best left to Joey!


Take Up A New Sport In Style

Thinking about trying out a new sport? Maybe you’ve been meaning to get back into that old sport you used to love so much, but you only have those old, run-down trainers that just can’t take it anymore? Or, maybe you just want to look and play professionally – Give a try!

Luxury Fashion For Sports | Sports Clothing

Zalando caters for such a wide audience, not just because they have so many brands of clothes and shoes, but because they have so many different categories to explore such as; sports! These include ones like; just simply running or biking, to skating/surfing and riding. You also have more general categories like outdoor and winter etc…

All you have to do is pick whether you are looking for women, men or children, what sport you’re looking into, what colours perhaps and brand name etc…Then all you have to do after you’ve set your limits (like price range too) is browse through the results.

Zalando is known to be good for special occasion where particular clothes such as; prom dresses for example, are required, however, it is also capable at providing for those everyday events where you may feel like just going out with your tennis racket, or simply just going for a jog.

Think about it, you’re not going to wear those glittery pumps, or those dazzling maxi dresses, to run around and sweat in are you? Try the alternative, a nice sleek tennis dress for example.
For the guys and the children too! Zalando offers a variety of sportswear for all!

So grab those old trainers, throw them in the bin. Put away your casual clothes and the expensive pretty one’s too, that are not designed for sport, and treat yourself to some new threads that are designed to endure any sport no matter how rough you like it! While having the bonus of still looking cool and refreshing too.

Victoria Beckham Luxury Fashion Collection

This is a guest blog from our friend at

Victoria Beckham Dress | Beckham Luxury FashionVictoria Beckham the former Posh Spice has taken the fashion scene by storm, the glamorous trend setting mother of 4 is dominating the catwalk with her designs.

Her luxury fashion collection in the first 3 months of 2011 generated more than £15m so you can expect her luxury fashion line in the beginning of 2012 will double this. Her husband David Beckham launched his own fashion line recently and his Bodywear Collection for H&M was a successful launch, the Beckham’s are taking over the fashion industry.

Victoria Beckham is one stylish fashion designer, her creations are seen on the red carpet and celebrities are in the public eye in her designs, she really has come a long way since the Spice Girls days and she is still a global success. Expect to see the likes of Cheryl Cole, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian continuing to wear a Victoria Beckham line, her trademark dresses are luxury on them. Victoria Beckham has also said “I am a woman who has loved fashion for as long as I can remember, and over the years I have dreamt of creating a collection of dresses that embody my own personal style and embrace the female form”

Victoria Beckham Luxury Fashion | Victoria Beckham Fashion Dress Demi Moore In Victoria Beckham Dress | Victoria Beckham Collection Kim Kardashian Dress | Victoria Beckham Dress

Victoria Beckham arrives in New York for Fashion Week

February 2012 and New York Fashion week has arrived with Victoria Beckham and baby Harper. Luxury fashion designer Victoria Beckham was dressed in style upon arrival wearing a burgundy jumper and pleated skirt by Miu Miu and baby Harper was in a Chloe number, a grey Chloe coat. We look forward to seeing the Victoria Beckham luxury fashion Autumn/Winter 2012 collection on Sunday 12 February.

Victoria Beckham and Harper at New York Fashion Week

Jimmy Choo 2012

This is a guest blog from our friend at

Anyone for a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes?

Jimmy Choo Shoes | Jimmy Choo FashionMost women around the world hold a prized pair of Jimmy Choo shoes after all they are classic in design and pure luxury to have.  If you think back to Sex and the City that popular HBO American television comedy programme, can you imagine Carrie Bradshaw and her friends without a pair of Jimmy Choo, no it cannot be thought of! A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes is simply luxury and a must have in life. Living the sex and the city life is stylish, glam, trendy and you need this on your feet if you want to be like one of these ladies. The popular HBO sex and the city characters were obsessed with their strappy sandals and sleek stilettos, millions of fans watching immediately picked up on the trend and followed in their high-heeled footsteps, today the sex and the city ladies are still stylish and wearing their Jimmy Choo shoes on the red carpet as are other celebrities.

Jimmy Choo in 2012

Looking ahead of 2012 expect to see Jimmy Choo leading the fashion line, Jimmy Choo offers a fresh selection of innovative, trendy shoes every single season and the classic stilettos are here to stay. The company will see handbags and clutch purses flying off the shelf and expect to see celebrity Jimmy Choo favourites like Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez setting the trend.

The spring and summer 2012 collection speaks Seventies, think Anouk Aimée a cool and sophisticated beauty. The fashion will be sporty, loose and eclectic with tribal touches.  Like Aimée’s striking features so will the evening wear be striking, expect glittering and finished with crystals. Sultry glamour and bright colours are what to be expected from this Jimmy Choo collection.

Be sure to hold the luxury handbag in 2012 with that irresistible slouch appeal, a luscious leather bag that has an unzipped front pocket exposing a hidden flash of textured python in bright colours of yellow, coral and jade.

Jimmy Choo 2012 Collection

Scotts Winter Fashion Tips

Scotts Winter Fashion Tips

Pulling together an effective winter wardrobe can seem like a daunting task for most men, but armed with some simple fashion tips it doesn’t have to be. With temperature levels plummeting and the festive season and New Year upon us, a winter wardrobe should accommodate both everyday clothing suitable for cold weather and outfits perfect for that special occasion. Whatever your fashion needs this winter, with these simple tips you can bag the perfect winter wardrobe with ease:

Winter coat

Parkas – such as the Fred Perry parka – are always popular among fashion-conscious men in winter: boasting incredible warmth and stylish design, it isn’t difficult to see why. However, if you just want to buy a single coat, it may be better to invest in a versatile second skin that is a little more formal, to ensure that it is suitable for all occasions.


You’ll need at least two pairs of footwear in winter – a sturdy pair of boots and a pair of shoes suitable for the office and nights out. Remember that it’s better to invest more in a good quality pair of shoes that will last longer than cheaper alternatives, meaning you get more value for your money.

Make a statement

Bold, statement accessories are huge this season, so why not wrap up warm in brightly coloured hats, scarves and gloves? Alternatively, add eye-catching ties and socks to an everyday outfit – try them in jewel-toned purples, blues, greens, reds and oranges.

How to wear sky high heels

There is no denying that those sky high heels are here to stay and one has to admit there are some benefits. They look good, for the shorties out there it’s nice to be up on the higher level every now and then and most importantly they make your legs look thinner and more defined, but even if you can work out how to walk in these babies they are in no way easy on the feet. Here are a few tips to being able to dance the night away in seven inch heels.

Sweet feet/party feet – they are little gel pads that can be stuck to the sole or straps of yours shoes and they stop the hard pressure of the sole on the balls of your feet so you don’t end up casing every place you go to out for chairs. Mostly these pads are only good for one pair of shoes as if you remove them they lose their original stickiness and wont stay put in your other shoes, so basically you need to get a new pair for each pair of shoes you buy.

An alternative to gel pads is padded socks, there are some clever sock makers out there who have created small padded socks that look somewhat like a bracelet for the foot. It slides over the toes and sits on top of the knuckles and provides pads for the balls of the feet, with the same basic idea as the gel pads, relieving pressure.
When purchasing the shoes look more for platforms then for basics stilettos. Having a 1-2 inch front platform makes the angle for the shoes less stressful on the foot and allows the foot.

Remember the old saying practice makes perfect, there is no way you are going to be able to go out and buy your first pair of super high high heels and be able to wear them all night. Start by taking them for a few short trips, like to the movies or a restaurant or even work and then work up your stamina to the point where you can wear them all night with out pain.

If you find that you are always ending the night sitting on the couch at a club or storming up the dance floor bare foot then it might be a idea to leave the heels at home. There is nothing wrong with wearing flats out and there is nothing attractive about carrying your shoes out the front door of a club.